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The New ‘Normal’

Today Facilities & Property Managers are involved in the development, management, and direction of the commercial, institutional, and governmental buildings. Gone are the days when they managed the cleaning, a bit of maintenance and catering. Todays Facilities & Property Managers are true professionals that demand smart solutions to support the total infrastructure and workforce of an organisation.

They do the most to soften volatile market conditions for building occupants (tenants and/or employees) across a broad array of industries. In fact, evidence shows that, in many cases, the buildings themselves are leading the way, showing their target markets how to best support successful and profitable futures with flexible, adaptable, productive environments and infrastructure that all need to be managed.

Today, it’s a whole new environment. A facility professional has to be more analytical, more financially oriented. Relationships are still the baseline of this industry, but those relationships are now established on the ability to deliver the product and systems. It boils down to implementation, strategy and the right technical solutions.

Remote working is fast becoming the “new normal” with Facilities & Property Managers expected to support the workforce anywhere, anytime. Remember, the home office is an extension of the workplace and needs the same level of support.

There are many software solutions out there to do all the above, but how about a simple intergrated solution for everyone and everything an organisation has to manage?

365 AM have developed cost-effective Condition Based Asset Tracking & Management solutions based on the Microsoft Power Platform, supported by PowerApps to make all your assets, including people assets manageable from pens to planes in one easy to use, reliable, and affordable package.

Safe in the knowledge that all your data is accurate, available to staff that need it, accessible 24/7 and cannot be lost, 365 AM can support any organisation and its people anywhere.

Contact us today to discover how 365 AM can enhance your journey into the new normal.

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