Do You Have Spreadsheet Headache?

We all know how useful spreadsheets are don’t we? Great solutions but can be frustrating when used for asset management in silos. Using spreadsheets to manage and track assets takes time, energy and resources that you may not have.

Errors, overwrites, broken hyperlinks, wasted time and a reduced team coupled with a lack of accountability leads you down a path of potential non-compliance, inaccurate forecasting, poor budgeting and funding issues.

Are you confident that you even know where all your assets are?

Do you now have a spreadsheet headache?

The facts are:

  • 90% of spreadsheets may contain formatting errors
  • Inaccurate data can cost company’s up to 23% of its annual revenue
  • 92% of users believe that Excel is too time consuming
  • Ghost assets you own are out there that you may still be paying for that you will never find

Use of intergrated asset management for all your assets is key to efficiency within any organisation no matter how small.

365 AM have developed cost-effective Condition Based asset Tracking & Management solutions based on the Microsoft Power Platform, supported by PowerApps to make all your assets manageable from pens to planes in one easy to use, reliable, and affordable package.

Contact us today to discover how 365 AM can enhance your asset management journey.

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